Myscape Wiki

Owner Sword hitamount fixed from to 2->3
You can now zoom further and fixed fog 
Reduced scroll wheel zoom speed 
Changed blest to blessed npc name 
Added the T9 Slayer helmet to the combiner 
Another HUGE item sprite and itemdef rework 
Fixed Rose Eater spelling 
Made new custom frame the default setting Removed forcing commands to lowercase to fix yells and titles 
Minimap dots now show for thanos 
Fixed droptable button in help panel 
New Training zone with brand new armor, 6 brand new monsters, and combat mechanics for all 
Added new necklaces in train zone 
Banned words are now blocked in clanchat 
Fixed typo in discount code message after ::claim for $50+ 
Reworked yell code and colors 
New starter package 
Moved Progression island teleport to first monsters teleport category 
Clan chat and other channel button now work 
New game/clan/yell/filter message code 
All kc and boss points messages now goes into spam messages 
Removed owner box from dbz collection log 
Potentially fixed npcs not disappearing after private instance 
Abbadon combat level is now 100 instead of 666 
New Loot system and loot channel 
Fixed a potential dupe 
Fixed a lot of potential abuses for modified clients 
Aggression is now working 
Increased the max health of monsters to 200b+(Future content :D) 
Fixed Profile viewing so it doesn't cause lag 
Reduced clan chat lag 
You can no longer see extra tasks once you completed 
::progress Progression tasks now say "Coming Soon" instead of Locked if they do not exist 
Added Monster collection logs for 1% dr 
Added jackpot rewards for moneyzone feathers 
Money zone feathers are now untradable 
Money pots are now untradable 
Added Meshyyy Plug Staff 
Complete the Prestige Any Skill achievement on login if requirements met 
Added all new maps for the beginning ultras(Joker, Darth Vader, Cloud, Sora, Whitebeard, and Mysterio) 
Global bosses is now top 30
Added Whis, K9, Asuna, and Dragon pet
Added 100 noted coal to skilling box
Reworked all Donator caskets
Voteboss is now top 100.
New voteboss drop table.
Added Vote Cape
Added Slayer Helmet[1] to slayer shop