Myscape Wiki

-New $100 and $50 bond item look
-Added drop rate to Blessings
-Reduced minimum amount to donate to well from 50m to 5m
-Fixed Well of Goodwill bonuses, +100% drop rate and +30% xp
-Increase range attack distance so it's more comparable to magic
-Added 7 more trivia questions
-Modified teleporting system to allow additional requirements
-Slayer Global Boss teleport has restrictions for teleporting
-Slayer Global Boss spawn message tells each player whether they are eligible to fight it or not
-Add Ainz Ooal Gown pet (Slayer global boss) and add to collection log
-Ainz Ooal Gown pet gives +120% magic damage boost
-Fixed home furnace not being interactable
-Eternal shards are now stackable
-Combining blessing only announces for tier 7 and above
-Disable unused code in player panel
-Game mode is displayed correct in quest tab
-Updated Owner box rewards list
-Owner bow and Owner staff added to owner box loot. 2m Magic / Ranged attack bonus.
-Raid pets (Buu, Cell, Frieza) give a 20% chance of an extra raid key in ::dbz raid
-Trash to Cash prices edited
-Added some new maps for custom bosses coming soon
-Sapphire dragon now drops Sapphire casket instead of Emerald
-Item name change Diglet -> devil beast bone
-Daily rewards buffed
-Teleport interface has much better sizing of the npcs displayed
-5 New slayer helmets added(Up to Tier 10)
-Fixed false gamble requests
-Fixed big messages showing in clan chat
-5 New slayer helmets added in custom combiner
-Slayer helmet gives +10% damage boost in all styles going up each tier tier 10 is +100% when fighting your slayer task monster
-Starmie pet visually bigger
-Improved the item upgrader code
-Removed delay on item upgrader
-Change Daily achievements to Elite achievements
-Bankai aura buffed 125k -> 200k stats
-Fixed some rewards lists at bottom not being clickable
-Added Lots of new rewards lists (Box Rewards in the ? tab)
-Added new loot table system (only money zone chests use this for now)
-Changed ::exzone and ::szone commands to use a proper teleport
-Got rid of npc has no droptable on examine
-Zbuffering added. Owner aura no longer invisible at certain angles, Overlord aura doesn't get clipped by the floor.
-Better ground textures and fixed HD textures setting
-Added low memory setting (not really a big difference atm)
-::maxhit shows 10x hits which is the most common display
-Can teleport to Trash to Cash by clicking invention skill
-Changed locations of evil tree and shooting star to be more accessible
-Skillcape npc added to home area
-Moved back loyalty store npc to home area
-Limpwurt root added to herblore store
-Donation point item from vote store is now claimable
-Overloads and extremes are tradeable
-Allow Hash to trade ironman
-15% drop rate added to cape of archer, warrior, magician
-Fixed rimmington teleport name typo
-Track and save amount player donates to well of goodwill (using for highscores)
-Send 0 for ranged strength and magic damage % as they aren't used
-Fixed Eternal shard piece naming
-Ctrl-P opens ::pos
-Collection Box added for being able to give items to people when they are offline and also if there bank or inventory is full, excess items can go into the collection box for certain things.
-Opening bank will try and give you the items in collection box if you have space to take them in your inventory or bank.
- Fixed Item Upgrade button in help tab
- Fixed Instancing Black clovers showing Dante -> Vanica
- Removed duplicate gloves from T2C
- New message in ::commands "Crtl+p Opens Player-Owned-Shops"
- Fixed Blessed God teleports
- Fixed opening anvil in player settings going to donator web-store.

Black Clover New Ultra Bosses W/ Armor & WEAPONS:


Improved Item Sprites:

-Owner cape
-Owner boots
-Owner sword
-Owner platebody
-Owner platelegs
-Owner gloves
-Owner sword
-Owner wings
-Eldritch cape
-Dragonball box
-Dragonball key
-Rabbit scythe

Money Zone

-Average cash per hour is 32m average if you're 1 hitting 10m Gold pot npcs
-Kill gold money pots, there is a chance for a higher tier money pot to be summoned when a money pot dies.
-Higher tier money pots have better drops
-Every money pot has a chance to drop a feather of its color.
-These feathers can be used to tickle and loot chests of the same color
-Chest rewards are large cash drops, higher tier feathers, and a 1/250 chance for a pet of that color
-The pets increase the amount of cash in cash drops by a percentage (examine the pet item or npc for rates)
Tiers are Gold, Platinum, Red, Purple

Custom Items:

Hash Sharingan Pet
Zero pet
Bsq Armor and Bow
Meshy Ethereum Pet