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Attack Titan
Attack Titan.png
Combat Level 400
Hitpoints 800M
Attack Style Melee
Weakness Magic
Multi Area No
Always Drops 1B Tickets

Attack Titan

Attack Titan can be found under the main teleport interface under "Ultra Bosses"


You will need 5000 Kills of Attack Titan to progress to Vanica, Zenon, and Dante

Item Quantity Drop Rate
1B Tickets.png 1B Tickets 40,000 Always
1Q Scroll.png 1Q Scroll 1 1 in 1000
Titan Melee Helmet.png Titan Melee Helmet 1 1 in 8500
Titan Melee Platebody.png Titan Melee Platebody 1 1 in 8500
Titan Melee Platelegs.png Titan Melee Platelegs 1 1 in 8500
Titan Melee Gloves.png Titan Melee Gloves 1 1 in 8500
Titan Melee Boots.png Titan Melee Boots 1 1 in 8500
Titan Scimitar.png Titan Scimitar 1 1 in 8500
Titan Shield.png Titan Shield 1 1 in 8500