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Boss Point Shop

The boss point shop is located at ::shops. Here you can buy a variety of items using Boss Points that are collected when killing monsters around Myscape.

BPShop Items.png

Boss Point Store
Item Cost (Boss Points) Shop Stock
Zeus Helmet.png Zeus Helmet 300 BP 20m
Zeus Body.png Zeus Body 300 BP 20m
Zeus Legs.png Zeus Legs 300 BP 20m
Zeus Hammer.png Zeus Hammer 300 BP 20m
Zeus Shield.png Zeus Shield 300 BP 20m
Madara Fan.png Madara Fan 1,000 BP 20m
Energy Blast.png Energy Blast 1,000 BP 20m
Emerald Casket.png Emerald Casket 500 BP 20m
Ruby Casket.png Ruby Casket 300 BP 20m
Lucario.png Lucario 15,000 BP 20m
Ring of Devotion.png Ring of Devotion 5,000 BP 20m
$5 Bond.png $5 Bond 3,000 BP 20m
Collectors Amulet.png Collectors Amulet 3,500 BP 20m
Fragment Pack.png Fragment Pack 500 BP 20m