Myscape Wiki

 ::taverly - Teleports you to Taverly.
 ::alkharid - Teleports you to Al Kharid.
 ::camelot - Teleports you to Camelot.
 ::portsarim - Teleports you to Port Sarim.
 ::lumbridge - Teleports you to Lumbridge.
 ::ardougne - Teleports you to Ardougne.
 ::falador - Teleports you to Falador.

 ::home - Teleports you to Home.
 ::gamble - Teleports you to the gambling zone.
 ::train - Teleports you to Progression Island.
 ::dzone - Teleports you to the Donator Zone.
 ::afk - Teleports you to the AFK-zone.
 ::dbz - Teleports you to the Dragonball Raid.
 ::duel - Teleports you to the duel arena.

 ::drops - Opens an item and NPC search interface. This allow you to search what item each NPC drops and the same way around.
 ::toggledrops - Toggles your world drop messages.
 ::rewardlist - Opens up an interface that displays possible box rewards.

Ctrl+H - Teleports you to ::home.
Ctrl+P - Opens your Player Owned Shop
Ctrl+T - Opens your teleport interface.
Ctrl+S - Opens your settings interface.
Ctrl+Y - Automatically writes ::yell for you.
Ctrl+B - Opens your bank interface. (Diamond Donator+)
Ctrl+G - Teleports you to the current global boss.
 ::bank - Opens your bank interface. (Diamond Donator+)
 ::claim - Claims your donation after you have donated.
 ::answer - To answer the trivia question.
 ::dismiss - Dismisses your current pet.
 ::maxhit - Displays your current maxhit.
 ::changepassword (x password) - Changes your password.
 ::redeem - Redeems your votes.
 ::empty - Empties your entire inventory.
::setaccpin - Sets security pin when logging into account from unknown IP
 ::setemail (x email) - Sets your e-mail adress.
 ::vote - Opens the vote page.
 ::donate - Opens the donation page.
 ::help - Contacts staff for help if any staff is available.
 ::curses - Changes your prayer book.
 ::pos - Opens the 'Player Owned Store' interface.
 ::mydr - Displays your current droprate boost.
 ::players - Displays how many players are currently online.
 ::discord - Adds you to the myscape discord!
 ::co - Toggles your cosmetic overide.
 ::togglelevelup - Toggles the ability to level.
 ::tree - Shows the current location of the Evil Tree.
 ::getguide - Adds guide book to inventory.
 ::die - Allow yourself to die whenever you are in a HP bug.