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Price Guide

This is a Price Guide made to give a better view of Myscape's economy. All prices will be measured in 1B Tickets.
Disclaimer: These prices are not 100% fixed. You may go above or under the given price, it's an average.
(20th of May 2021)

N/A: Not available.
TTC (Trash to Cash): Prices are so low, you can trash them at the Trash To Cash converter.
1000K 1B Tickets = 1M.

Price Guide (Use "CTRL + F" To quickly search this list)
Melee Weapons
Picture Item Price
Owner Sword.png Owner Sword 2500M
Icy Golem Claws.png Icy Golem Claws 1400M
Musketeer Spear.png Musketeer Spear 1400M
Invsword.png Invictus Sword 400M
Dante Melee Axe.png Dante Melee Axe
Titan Scimitar.png Titan Scimitar 30M
Exodia Sword.png Exodia Sword 15M
RamLord Longsword.png RamLord Longsword 20M
Key Blade.png Key Blade 6M
Executive Beast Axe.png Executive Beast Axe X
Executive Thumper.png Executive Thumper X
Cloud Strife Sword.png Cloud Strife Sword 7M
Hell Malevolent Sword.png Hell Malevolent Sword 4M
Blessed Sword.png Blessed Sword 2.8M
Grandmaster Sword.png Grandmaster Sword 2M
Storm Breaker Maul.png Storm Breaker Maul 1.5M
Samurai Katana.png Samurai Katana 600k
Blood Lord Sword.png Blood Lord Sword 500k
Assassin Sword.png Assassin Sword 300k
Baphomet Sword.png Baphomet Sword 250k
Link Sword.png Link Sword TTC
Zeus Hammer.png Zeus Hammer 200k
Sephiroth Sword.png Sephiroth Sword TTC
Sonic Katana.png Sonic Katana TTC
Donkey Kong Sword.png Donkey Kong Sword TTC
Mewtwo Sword.png Mewtwo Sword TTC
Bowser Blade.png Bowser Blade TTC
Dark Invisus’s Scythe.png Dark Invisus’s Scythe TTC
Starter Sword.png Starter Sword TTC
Starter Scythe.png Starter Scythe TTC
Double Starter Daggers.png Double Starter Daggers TTC
Ranged Weapons
Picture Item Price
Indian Bow.png Indian Bow 1400M
Invictus Bow.png Invictus Bow 400M
Zenon Ranged Bow.png Zenon Ranged Bow
Titan Bow.png Titan Bow 30M
BFG-9000.png BFG-9000 50M
SSG Bow.png SSG Bow 15M
Mysterio Gloves (Weapon).png Mysterio Gloves (Weapon) 7M
Shadow Minigun.png Shadow Minigun N/A
Rocket Launcher.png Rocket Launcher 4.5M
Aqantium Bow.png Aqantium Bow 1.5M
Dead Bone Bow.png Dead Bone Bow 400k
Flintlock Pistol.png Flintlock Pistol N/A
Spyro M4A1.png Spyro M4A1 TTC
Bandicoot Minigun.png Bandicoot Minigun TTC
Intervention Sniper.png Intervention Sniper TTC
Camo AK-47.png Camo AK-47 TTC
Scoped Rifle.png Scoped Rifle TTC
Assault Rifle.png Assault Rifle TTC
AK-47.png AK-47 TTC
Myscape Starter Bow.png Myscape Starter Bow N/A

Magic Weapons
Picture Item Price
Death Reaper Scythe.png Death Reaper Scythe 1750M
Invictus Staff.png Invictus Staff 400M
Vanica Magic Staff.png Vanica Magic Staff
Titan Magic Staff.png Titan Magic Staff 30M
Itachi Staff.png Itachi Staff 15M
Whitebeard Staff.png Whitebeard Staff 8M
Destruction Khione’s Staff.png Destruction Khione’s Staff 60M
Staff of Destruction.png Staff of Destruction 1.5M
Infinity Gauntlet (Charged).png Infinity Gauntlet (Charged) 1M
Infinity Gauntlet.png Infinity Gauntlet 700k
Madara Fan (X).png Madara Fan (X) N/A
Madara Fan.png Madara Fan N/A
Voldemort Staff.png Voldemort Staff TTC
Myscape Starter Staff.png Myscape Starter Staff N/A
Melee Armor
Picture Item Price
Buu Helm.png Buu Armor 500M/Piece
Musketeer Armor.png Musketeer Armor 200M/Piece
Dante Melee Helmet.png Dante Armor /Piece
Titan Melee Helmet.png Titan Melee Armor 15M/Piece
RamLord Armor.png RamLord Armor 20M/Piece
Exodia Armor Set.png Exodia Armor 15M/Piece
Sora Armor.png Sora Armor 6M/Piece
Cloud Strife Armor.png Cloud Strife Armor 5M/Piece
Hell Malevolent Armor.png Hell Malevolent Armor 3M/Piece
Blessed Armor.png Blessed Armor 2.5M/Piece
GrandMaster Armor.png GrandMaster Armor 2M/Piece
Storm Breaker Armor.png Storm Breaker Armor 750k/Piece
Samurai Armor.png Samurai Armor 600k/Piece
Blood Lord Armor.png Blood Lord Armor 500k/Piece
Assassin Hood.png Assassin Armor 300k/Piece
Baphomet Armor.png Baphomet Armor 250K/Piece
Link Armor.png Link Armor TTC
Zeus Armor.png Zeus Armor 200k/Piece
Sephiroth Armour.png Sephiroth Armor TTC
Sonic Armor.png Sonic Armor TTC
Donkey Kong Armor.png Donkey Kong Armor TTC
Mewtwo Armor.png Mewtwo Armor TTC
Bowser Armor.png Bowser Armor TTC
Dark Invisus Armor.png Dark Invisus Armor TTC
Bomby Full Helm.png Bomby Armor TTC
Starter Armor.png Starter Armor TTC
Range Armor
Picture Item Price
Cell Helm.png Cell Armor 500M/Piece
Indian Armor.png Indian Armor 200M/Piece
Zenon Ranged Helmet.png Zenon Armor /Piece
Titan Range Helmet.png Titan Range Armor 15M/Piece
SSG Full Helm.png SSG Armor 15M/Piece
Mysterio Armor.png Mysterio Armor 4M/Piece
Joker Armor.png Joker Armor 3M/Piece
Aqantium Armor.png Aqantium Armor 2M/Piece
Dead Bone Armor.png Dead Bone Armor 500K/Piece
Dead Pirate Armor.png Dead Pirate Armor X
Sypro Armour.png Spyro Armour TTC
Bandicoot Armor.png Bandicoot Armor TTC
Departure Armor.png Departure Armor TTC
Mage Armor
Picture Item Price
Vegeta Helm.png Vegeta Armor 500M/Piece
Death Reaper Armor.png Death Reaper Armor 400M/Piece
Vanica Magic Helmet.png Vanica Armor /Piece
Titan Magic Helmet.png Titan Magic Armor 15M/Piece
Itachi Helm.png Itachi Armor 15M/Piece
Whitebeard Helm.png Whitebeard Armor 8M/Piece
Darth Vader Armor.png Darth Vader Armor 4M/Piece
Destruction Armor.png Destruction Armor 4M/Piece
Voldemort Armor.png Voldemort Armor TTC
Tribrid Armor
Picture Item Price
Owner Full Helm.png Owner Armor 4000M/Piece
Owner Full Helm.png Owner Boots - Owner Gloves 4500M/Piece
Divine Helm.png Divine Armor 2000M/Piece
Beerus Head.png Beerus Armor 1000M/Piece
Icy Golem Armor.png Icy Golem Armor 1100M/Piece
Invictus Armor.png Invictus Armor 500M/Piece
Executive Beast Helmet.png Executive Beast Armor N/A
Melee Shields and Offhands
Picture Item Price
Owner Shield.png Owner Shield 10000M
Titan Shield.png Titan Shield 40M
RamLord shield.png Ramlord Shield 30M
Hell Malevolent Sword OH.png Hell Malevolent Sword OH 5M
Blessed Sword OH.png Blessed Sword OH 5M
Grandmaster Sword OH.png Grandmaster Sword OH 3M
Storm Breaker Spirit Shield.png Storm Breaker Spirit Shield 2M
Assassin Sword Off-Hand.png Assassin Sword Off-Hand 500k
Link Shield.png Link Shield TTC
Zeus Shield.png Zeus Shield TTC
Mewtwo Defender.png Mewtwo Defender TTC
Range Shields and Offhands
Picture Item Price
BFG-OFFHAND.png BFG-9000 OH 100M
Aqantium Spirit Shield.png Aqantium Spirit Shield 10M
Spyro M4A1 OH.png Spyro M4A1 OH TTC
Magic Shields and Offhand
Picture Item Price
Titan Magic Book.png Titan Magic Book 50M
Destruction Spirit Shield.png Destruction Spirit Shield 10M
Melee Capes
Picture Item Price
Cape of Warriors.png Cape of Warriors 75M
Cloud Strife Cape.png Cloud Strife Cape 20M
Hell Malevolent Cape.png Hell Malevolent Cape 40M
Grandmaster Cape.png Grandmaster Cape 5M
Samurai Cape.png Samurai Cape 3M
Baphomet Cape.png Baphomet Cape 1M
Sonic Wings.png Sonic Wings TTC
Starter Cape.png Starter Cape N/A
Range Capes
Picture Item Price
Cell Wings.png Cell Wings 650M
Cape of Archeress.png Cape of Archeress 75M
SSG Wings.png SSG Wings 40M
Mysterio Cape.png Mysterio Cape 4M
Aqantium Cape.png Aqantium Cape 40M
Bandicoot Cape.png Bandicoot Cape TTC
Magic Capes
Picture Item Price
Cape of Magicians.png Cape of Magicians 75M
Itachi Cloak.png Itachi Cloak 40M
Whitebeard Cape.png Whitebeard Cape 10M
Darth Vader Cape.png Darth Vader Cape 4M
Destruction Cape.png Destruction Cape 40M
Tribrid Capes
Picture Item Price
Eldritch Cape.png Eldritch Cape 15000M
Owner Cape.png Owner Cape 3250M
Divine Cape.png Divine Cape 2000M
Melee Amulets and Auras
Picture Item Price
Sonic Necklace.png Sonic Necklace TTC
Oblivion Necklace.png Oblivion Necklace TTC
Mewtwo Necklace.png Mewtwo Necklace TTC
Bowser Necklace.png Bowser Necklace TTC
Alien Necklace.png Alien Necklace TTC
Tribrid Amulet and Auras
Picture Item Price
Owner Aura.png Owner Aura 7500M
Overlord Aura.png Overlord Aura 10125M
Bankai Aura.png Bankai Aura 1400M
Cosmetic Aura.png Cosmetic Aura 400M
Divine Donator Aura.png Divine Aura 300M
Sharingan Aura (X).png Sharingan Aura (X) 30M
Sharingan Aura.png Sharingan Aura 500K
Collector’s Amulet.png Collector’s Amulet 250K
Picture Item Price
8% DR Ring.png 8% DR Ring N/A
6% DR Ring.png 6% DR Ring N/A
4% DR Ring.png 4% DR Ring TTC
Ring of Wealth.png Ring of Wealth TTC
Tribrid Rings
Picture Item Price
Eternal Ring.png Eternal Ring 2250M
Ring of Wars.png Ring of Wars 800M
Spirity Ring.png Spirity Ring 80M
Ring of Devotion.png Ring of Devotion 15M
Lucky 10% DR Ring.png Lucky 10% DR Ring 1M
Weapon and Armor Pieces
Picture Item Price
Invictus Sword Part (1).png Invictus Sword Part (1) 5M
Invictus Sword Part (2).png Invictus Sword Part (2) 5M
Invictus Bow Part (1).png Invictus Bow Part (1) 5M
Invictus Bow Part (2).png Invictus Bow Part (2) 5M
Invictus Staff Part (1).png Invictus Staff Part (1) 5M
Invictus Staff Part (2).png Invictus Staff Part (2) 5M
Invictus Helmet Piece 1.png Invictus Helmet Piece (1) 15M
Invictus Helmet Piece 2.png Invictus Helmet Piece (2) 15M
Invictus Helmet Piece 3.png Invictus Helmet Piece (3) 15M
Invictus Platebody Piece 1.png Invictus Platebody Piece (1) 15M
Invictus Platebody Piece 2.png Invictus Platebody Piece (2) 15M
Invictus Platebody Piece 3.png Invictus Platebody Piece (3) 15M
Invictus Legs Piece 1.png Invictus Legs Piece (1) 15M
Invictus Legs Piece 2.png Invictus Legs Piece (2) 15M
Invictus Legs Piece 3.png Invictus Legs Piece (3) 15M
Picture Item Price
$100 Bond.png $100 Bond 150M
$50 Bond.png $50 Bond 75M
$25 Bond.png $25 Bond 37.5M
$10 Bond.png $10 Bond 25M
$5 Bond.png $5 Bond 7.5M
$1 Bond.png $1 Bond 1.5M
Picture Item Price
Blue Partyhat.png Blue Partyhat 500K
White Partyhat.png White Partyhat 500K
Purple Partyhat.png Purple Partyhat 500K
Green Partyhat.png Green Partyhat 500K
Yellow Partyhat.png Yellow Partyhat 500K
Red Partyhat.png Red Partyhat 500K
Picture Item Price
Insanity Casket.png Insanity Casket 50K
Insanity Key.jpg Insanity Key 50K
Clue Casket.png Clue Casket 20K
Starter Key.png Starter Key 20K
Eldritch Attachment.png Eldritch Attachment N/A
Owner Attachment.png Owner Attachment N/A
Onyx Donator Scroll.png Onyx Donator Scroll 800M
Diamond Donator Scroll.png Diamond Donator Scroll 300M
Sapphire Donator Scroll.png Sapphire Donator Scroll 150M
Emerald Donator Scroll.png Emerald Donator Scroll 5M
Vote Scroll.png Vote Scroll 2500K
Hearts of the sea.png Hearts of the sea N/A
Space Stone.png Space Stone 450K
Mind Stone.png Mind Stone 450K
Reality Stone.png Reality Stone 450K
Power Stone.png Power Stone 450K
Time Stone.png Time Stone 450K
Soul Stone.png Soul Stone 450K
Scroll of Efficiency.png Scroll of Efficiency TTC
Madara (x) Stone.png Madara (x) Stone 300K
Mystery Boxes
Picture Item Price
Owner Box.png Owner Box 20M
Dragonball Box.png Dragonball Box 5M
Lucky Block.png Lucky Block 10M
Launch Casket.png Launch Casket(i) x
Launch Casket.png Launch Casket 20M
Eternal Goodiebox.png Eternal Goodiebox 100M
Cosmetic Box.png Cosmetic Box 25M
Blessing Box.png Blessing Box (mage) X
Blessing Box.png Blessing Box (melee) X
Blessing Box.png Blessing Box (range) X
Kingdom Hearts Box.png Kingdom Hearts box X
BFG GOODIEbox.png Sponsor Ticket Goodiebox X
BFG GOODIEbox.png BFG-9000 Goodiebox X
Trivia Goodiebox.png Trivia Goodiebox X
Zenyte Casket.png Zenyte Casket X
Onyx Casket.png Onyx Casket X
Diamond Casket.png Diamond Casket X
Sapphire Casket.png Sapphire Casket X
Emerald Casket.png Emerald Casket X
Ruby Casket.png Ruby Casket N/A
Pokeball.png Pokeballs 400K
Scratch Card.png Scratch Card 5M
Picture Item Price
1Q Scroll.png 1Q Scroll 1300K
1QT Scroll.png 1QT Scroll N/A
Afk Ticket.png Afk Ticket 150
Eternal Orb.png Eternal Orb 5M
Blessing Shards.png Blessing Shards 20K
Rare Pets
Picture Item Price
Lugia1.png Lugia 75M
Lucario1.png Lucario 35M
Machamp.png Machamp 15M
Blastoise.png Blastoise 15M
Scyther.png Scyther 15M
Dream Pets
Picture Item Price
Mew.png Mew 4000M
Suicune1.png Suicune 275M
Entei1.png Entei 275M
Raikou1.png Raikou 275M
Raid Pets
Picture Item Price
Cell.png Perfect Cell 300M
Buu.png Kid Buu 300M
Frieza.png Freiza 300M