Myscape Wiki

1. AFKing bosses: Players are prohibited from AFKing while PVMing (including raids). We have a limited number of bosses for all the players and using up a spot while not actually being there can result in a jail.

Rule 2. Multi Logging: Players are allowed to have up to 3 accounts online for the same IP/Mac/UID at any given time. Along with that, your 2 accounts can not be doing the same Multi Combat boss or minigame.

  • You may have 3 accounts TOTAL logged in.
  • 2 Accounts are allowed to be at afk at one time.
  • No 2 accounts are allowed to be doing the same multi-boss or minigame activity.

Rule 3. Third-Party Software/AutoClicking: Players are not allowed to use any software that will render a disadvantage to other players. This includes items such as DDoS Tools/Websites, Cheat Clients allowing personal advantages over other players, auto-typers, etc.

Rule 4. Hacking, Password Sharing, and Scamming: Players are not allowed to hack others or deceive players in any way. Sharing accounts or passwords is strictly against the rules and will result in all account(s) being banned.

Rule 5. Yell/Help Channel: The yell/help channel is not to be used as a place of argument or flaming. If you have an argument with another player, take it to private messages. The failure to do this will result in 24-48 hours mutes.

Rule 6. Giving Out Items: You are not allowed to give out over 500T in items or cash to another player within 24 hours. If you are caught doing this, which is harmful to our global economy, your account will be stripped of 2x the wealth you gave out.

Rule 7. RWT: Real World Trading (RWT) such as selling or buying accounts, in-game items, or in-game wealth for real-life money or any other game wealth is not allowed.

Rule 8. Staff Impersonation: You are not allowed to impersonate any player or staff.

Rule 9. No Item Lending Of Any Kind: This includes lending any items that would increase another players DR, DDR, DPS, or WEALTH

Rule 10. Gambling: If you choose to gamble, use a trusted middle man (Staff Member). If you choose not to, and you get scammed (The other player logs out, chooses not to give you earnings, etc.) YOU WILL NOT BE RE-COMPENSATED. If you are the one scamming at gambling, you will be BANNED. There is no warning. You know not to do it. If we trace back, that you have done it on multiple accounts, you will be MAC-BANNED.

Rule 11. VPN: Using VPNs or voting on different ip addresses for extra votes is not allowed.

Rule 12. Behaviour: We are a friendly server and players are here to have fun. If you're fun is from flaming or disrespecting other members or staff, you will be muted and subsequent abuse can result in a ban. Do not insult other players. Any racism or prejudice against others is not tolerated. Swearing is frowned upon. Swearing at others is against the rules.

Rule 13. Making Multiple Accounts: A maximum of 5 accounts is allowed per player. This is to prevent abuse of repeating activities that get rewards and easier management on our side. The reason for 5 is in case people need 3 main accounts (2 to afk and a main), 1 ironman, 1 ultimate ironman. If you really need another account you can make an account issue ticket #🆘create-a-ticket🆘 in discord and we may be able to delete an old account if there is no history of abusing rewards associated with one time account related rewards.

Rule 15. Inname donations: If you donate for someone else in exchange for compensation the compensation must be in 1b tickets only according to the prices below. Every in-name must be middle manned by a staff member via #🆘create-a-ticket🆘 General Help. The person receiving the donation also gets all bonuses for donating.
$1-$50 8M/Per $
$50-$150 12.50M/Per $
$150-$250M 15M/Per $
$250-$350 18M/Per $
$350-$450 25M/Per $
$450+ Uncapped (allowed to offer items)
No items can be used as a source of currency or value for in-names below $500.

First Offense: Buyer loses the cash value they were going to spend. As well as a 24 hour Jail.
Second Offense: Account(s) will be banned.
Third Offense: Full ban will be put in place.

Rule 16. Inappropriate usernames: Any usernames containing any NSFW/swear/discriminatory/racist words is not allowed and you will be asked to make a new account. This list of reasons is not all encompassing and staff can deem names as inappropriate at their discretion.