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Welcome to Myscape! This guide will cover the basic information you need to know to get started in the world of Myscape!

Myscape Starter guide:
Getting Started
Monster Progression
Boss Progression
Ultra Boss Progression


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Was server reset?
A. Myscape was relaunched on December 11, 2021. All accounts were wiped;

'IRL donations were refunded in the form of MyShards to your bank if you logged in with the same username'.

A. If the shards are not in your bank, create a ticket on ::discord for assistance

Q. What do I do with an enchanted key?
A. Talk to santa at ::Shops for a puzzle box; open it for skilling rewards.

Q. What should I do to get started?
A. Start off with your free starter gear or use a ::team code for a slight upgrade and other goodies.

There are several ::team codes. ::teamfpk ::teamtudor ::teamcasa ::teamwr3cked ::teampkmax ::teamsipsick

A. Also start of with these commands - ::autoprestige ::togglelevelup ::vote

Before doing any training, check ::progression and explore all building at home to familiarize yourself.

Finally, begin your adventure at ::train

Q. How do I get my combat skills over level 99?
A. To reach the max level of 150 in combat skills, you must right click the skill and click "Prestige"

Q. How can I obtain a Collector’s Amulet
A. Please see the dedicated Collector’s Amulet page.

Q. Is there a way to get unlimited prayer?
A. Please see the dedicated Donator Benefits page.

Q. What are blessing shards and Monster Fragments for?
A. These are used to upgrade slayer helms via the upgrade interface

Q. How do I use Insanity Key?
A. Insanity keys are consumed by using them on Insanity Casket for rewards.

Q. Where can I buy food/potions?
A. Food/Potions can be purchased from the "Healer" shop located in the home bank.

Q. What are the benefits of donating?
A. Please see the dedicated Donator Benefits page.

Q. How do I get to Slayer Masters?
A. Click on the slayer skill, this will teleport you directly to the slayer masters.

Getting Started

Getting Started

When first joining Myscape you will be asked to choose the game mode you would like to play! Myscape offers three different options depending which play style you prefer. You can choose between: Normal, Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman.

Type of Game Mode Additional Stats
Normal No Restrictions 0% Drop Rate Boost
Ironman You will be restricted from trading, staking,
and looting items from killed players
25% Drop Rate Boost
Ultimate Ironman All restrictions of normal Ironman with the addition
of not being able to use banks
40% Drop Rate Boost

Additional tasks can be completed for great starter rewards by doing ::progress ingame.
After choosing which game mode you would like to play, your journey into Myscape Officially begins! The first thing to do is complete Training Island. ```To get to Training Island simply do ::train.``` Training Island is the place to start to get your levels up and start at getting some upgraded armor. It is highly recommended to pick up all bones as you go as 95 prayer will be absolutely necessary to start boss progression. Training Island has 6 sections that consist of Demon Spider, Ogre Lord, Thunder Lizard, Fire Elemental, Wrath Guard, and Razorblade.

LOOT EVERYTHING (except unique keys after you have about a million) since it all stacks. When you first log in to Myscape, run to the bank, north of home, and bank everything except your gear and weapon of choice. Withdraw a full inventory of mantas. Dont worry about potting now. When you are ready, do ::train to teleport to the Training Progression zone where you will first need to kill Demon Spider. This shouldn't take long. Demon Spider also drop rings of wealth. These help with drop rate, which is stacked with other items to give great drop rates. Plenty of other items add "dr" but that's for another time.

Once you have achieved a total level of 200 do ::refer Bomby ingame to receive free Ruby Donator Scroll.

Training Island Tasks
NPC Name Kill Count Required Task Rewards
Demon Spider.png Demon Spider 10 Starter Scythe
Assault Rifle
(x3) Starter Key
Ogre Lord.png Ogre Lord 25 (1x) Pokeballs
Dark Invisus’s Scythe
(x5) Starter Key
Thunder Lizard.png Thunder Lizard 50 (x10K) 1B Tickets
(x2) Ruby Casket
(x1) Alien Necklace
Fire Elemental.png Fire Elemental 75 Bowser Blade
Sapphire Casket
(2x) Scratch Card
Wrath Guard.png Wrath Guard 100 Voldemort Staff
(x5) Ruby Casket
(1x) Emerald Casket
Razorblade.png Razorblade 150 Bandicoot Minigun
(x5) Insanity Key
(x5) Insanity Casket

After you have completed all tasks in Training Island, you are ready to begin on the lengthy road to our progression system!
There are (3) main types of progression found in Myscape.
Monster Progression
Boss Progression
Ultra Boss Progression

Monster Progression

First we will discuss "Monster Progression"

Y It is Highly recommended for bossing to get 95 prayer and change to ::curses for soulsplit and turmoil.

A couple of speedsters spotted and needs a beating. This is the goal armor for beginning your bossing. YYou should have some scrolls saved up, by now, to buy yourself some better gear, if you wish. The armor, "Sonic" as it is called rocks a solid gold look and provides good dps for your first boss as well. Sonic Armor and Sword is T8.

You better have 95 prayer by now, no excuses! Also, hopefully you have a pet at this point because they increase dps greatly and add more dr to your arsenal.

It is now time to boss.

Boss Progression

You are now starting on your journey to become a Myscape master! Myscape offers (16) bosses that you have the opportunity to kill.

Bossing is the most important factor in successfully progressing in this game. Every boss has a killcount requirement of the boss before it with the exception of the Abbadon.

Boss Progression
Boss Kill Count Required Unique Drop
Abbadon.png Abbadon 0 Zeus Armor
Zeus Hammer
Zeus Shield
Link.png Link 100 Abbadon KC REQ Link Armor
Link Sword]
Link Shield
Baphomet.png Baphomet 100 Link KC REQ Baphomet Armor
Baphomet Sword
Baphomet Cape
Uchiha Madara.png Uchiha Madara 100 Baphomet KC REQ Madara Fan
Madara Fan (X)
Assassin.png Assassin 150 Baphomet KC REQ Assassin Armor
Assassin Sword
Assassin Sword Off-Hand
Dead Bone Guardian.png Dead Bone Guardian 150 Assassin KC REQ Dead Bone Armor
Dead Bone Bow
Blood Lord.png Blood Lord 150 Dead Bone Guardian KC REQ Blood Lord Armor
Blood Lord Sword
Samurai.png Samurai 200 Blood Lord KC REQ Samurai Armor
Samurai Katana
Samurai Cape
Thanos.png Thanos 200 Samurai KC REQ Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Stones
King Storm Breaker.png King Storm Breaker 200 Thanos KC REQ Storm Breaker Armor
Storm Breaker Maul
Storm Breaker Spirit Shield
Barrelchest.png Barrelchest 250 King Storm Breaker KC REQ Aqantium Armor
Aqantium Bow
Aqantium Spirit Shield
Aqantium Cape
Chaos Elemental.png Chaos Elemental 250 Barrelchest KC REQ Destruction Armor
Destruction Khione’s Staff
Destruction Spirit Shield
Destruction Cape
Devil Beast.png Devil Beast 250 Chaos Elemental KC REQ GrandMaster Armor
Grandmaster Sword
Grandmaster Sword OH
Grandmaster Cape
Blessed God.png Blessed God 300 Devil Beast KC REQ Blessed Armor
Blessed Sword
Blessed Sword OH
RoseEater.png RoseEater 300 Blessed God KC REQ Hell Malevolent Armor
Hell Malevolent Sword
Hell Malevolent Sword OH
Hell Malevolent Cape
Eternal Dragon (Melee).png Eternal Dragon (Melee) 300 RoseEater KC REQ
Addtional req: 120 Slayer
Eternal Goodiebox
Shard Piece 1
Eternal Dragon (Magic).png Eternal Dragon (Magic) 300 RoseEater KC REQ
Addtional req: 120 Slayer
Eternal Goodiebox
Shard Piece 2
Eternal Dragon (Ranged).png Eternal Dragon (Ranged) 300 RoseEater KC REQ
Addtional req: 120 Slayer
Eternal Goodiebox
Shard Piece 3

Ultra Boss Progression

>Now that you have killed your way through boss progression, it is now time to take a look at what Ultra Bosses have to offer.

Ultra Bosses are a lengthy but worthwhile achievement for your account! Killing Ultra Bosses is THE best way to make money ingame! Every ultra boss has a killcount requirement.
Myscape currently offers (10) Ultra Bosses.

Ultra Boss Progression
Boss Kill Count Required Unique Drop
Joker.png Joker 350 RoseEater KC REQ Joker Armor
Rocket Launcher
StormTrooper.png StormTrooper 400 Joker KC REQ 1B Tickets
Darth Vader.png Darth Vader 350 StormTrooper KC REQ Darth Vader Armor
Darth Vader Cape
Cloud Strife.png Cloud Strife 350 Darth Vader KC REQ Cloud Strife Armor
Cloud Strife Sword
Cloud Strife Cape
Sora.png Sora 400 Cloud Strife KC REQ Sora Armor
Key Blade
Mysterio.png Mysterio 400 Sora KC REQ Mysterio Armor
Mysterio Gloves (Weapon)
Mysterio Cape
Whitebeard.png Whitebeard 400 Mysterio KC REQ Whitebeard Armor
Whitebeard Staff
Whitebeard Cape
Exodia.png Exodia 2,000 Whitebeard KC REQ Exodia Armor
Exodia Sword
Gogeta.png Gogeta 2,000 Exodia KC REQ SSG Armor
SSG Wings
Itachi.png Itachi 2,000 Gogeta KC REQ Itachi Armor
Itachi Staff
Itachi Cloak
Female Titan.png Female Titan Itachi 2,000 Titan Magic Armor
Titan Magic Staff
Titan Magic Book
Armor Titan.png Armor Titan Itachi 2,000 Titan Range Armor
Titan Range Bow
Attack Titan.png Attack Titan Itachi 2,000 Titan Melee Armor
Titan Melee Scimitar
Titan Melee Shield
Vanica.png Vanica Attack on Titans 5,000 Vanica Armor
Vanica Magic Staff
Zenon.png Zenon Attack on Titans 5,000 Zenon Armor
Zenon Ranged Bow
Dante.png Dante Attack on Titans 5,000 Dante Armor
Dante Melee Axe


Skilling is also another large part of Myscape! To start training your skills, simply click on any skill icon you would like to train and you will be teleported to the skilling area for the respective skill! Each skilling area has all the required items necessary to train that skill! All skills have a max level of 150. All non combat skills will be trained from 1-150 without prestiging.
All Combat skills will have to be prestiged at max level to get to the next higher level. Example: 99 > Prestige > 100 > Prestige > 101... Individual skill guides and their links coming soon! |} |} |}